Trent Marshall

A vast majority of people who have been convicted of a crime will one day be eligible for supervised released such as parole or probation. When the time comes, you'll want a skilled attorney on your side representing you and making sure that your side of the story is presented clearly to the parole board. If you or a loved one is being considered for parole or probation in the state of Texas and you would like the best possible chance for release, contact the Schneider Law Firm parole lawyers in Texas today and schedule a time to speak with attorney Trent Marshall.

Our Services

  • Dedicated & Experienced

    Working with a parole or probation attorney such as Trent Marshall of the Schneider Law Firm, can encourage a more thorough review of the paper file, can unearth extenuating circumstances, and can highlight good behavior and positive plans for the future

  • Violating Parole or Probation

    There are a long list of rules that are a part of your terms for probation or parole, and sometimes these rules can be easily broken. Attorney Trent Marshall can be the representation you need if you have found yourself in a situation that could revoke your parole or probation.

  • Family Role

    Families play an important part of the parole process and Trent Marshall can help guide them through the criminal justice system, keep them informed, and advise them on how they can have input in the process.